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Experiencing issues with Botania not functioning properly on the server. I'm currently only able to have one generating flower (Shulk me Not) and one Functional flower (Heisei Dream). If i try placing a second Shulk me Not flower to increase mana production the existing one will stop working, same goes for Pure Daisys, for instance if it was in the process of sending mana to the spreader is will stop and the spreader will also stop outputting mana to the pool. Another common issue i've noticed is all Sparks only connect to 2-3 other sparks instead of all nearby sparks. Lately it's been more frequent that my Shulk me Not and Heisei dream will not function, if i break the Shulk me Not the Heisei dream will start working but as soon as i place the single Shulk me Not it stops again making mana generation not possible until it happens to start working again for a bit. Note i have also noticed similar issues with the other generating flowers while working my way through Botania. Other mod items seem to experience similar issues around the same times but Botania seems impacted most frequently to a larger extent.

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