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Refund Request (Natalexndr)


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Your Name: Natalexndr
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

  1. Azunat's Baby (it's a 'unbrekable' megaloot pickaxe with 28 mining speed that i renamed into it, colors green with efficiency enchantment)
  2. Nat's Smelt Pick (if im not mistaken i renamed it into this, it is a fiery pick with mending II, efficiency and other enchanment)
  3. Emerald Pickaxe (with silk touch enchantment)

Base coordinates: My home coordinate would be -769, 1262, 63 (x,z,y) 
Description of Issue: Dear kind admin/GM/staff, i just lost 3 (three) of my pickaxes in inventory all at once when i teleported home from Aether to collect some pillars and glowstones. Please kindly help :( It is a very precious item for me, and it suddenly "missing" all at once in a blink. 
Screenshots (Optional): Sadly i think i havent took any screenshot along with the stuffs. But i remembered the name, the enchanments, and the color clearly. I hope it helps </3 Thankyou so much

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Oh my god, after this incident i just tried to use another pickaxe, which is Mattock and Fiery Pickaxe. And they are both gone again!

It's just a short interval after the three of my pickaxes are gone :(

These are the current coordinate where i lost the Mattock and Fiery Pickaxe (-784, 1256, 63 (x,z,y)).

Both of the Mattock and Fiery Pick are in my inventory and suddenly went missing.

Here are my inventory picture :



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