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[Server Issues] DDSS


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Ok guys, it starts to be really annoying.

1. Everytime server restarts i have to replace security station (AE2) cuz apparently im no longer "owner" of my own network.

2. Some restarts, some cables from AE2 stop working, so i need to replace half of my cables to find a cause.

3. EVERY restart, Importer from Refined Storage stops working.

4. EVERY restart, ALL xNet channels are gone:



5. EVERY restart, Integrated Dynamics Network is getting corrupted, no screenshot this time cuz removed all of it cuz it didnt last for restart.


6. EVERY restart, Draconic Evolution' Wireless Crystals stops to work and further dont respond to linking tools:





^Only Mekanism machines seems to be able to be connected (but they still dont get power)

Apparently, crafting NEW draconic wireless crystal (which isnt easy), makes it possible to link to EVERY machine, but it still doesnt pass the power





I literally have no idea what else i could use, everytime server restarts i find a new thing that is broken so i replace whole setup with new.

+ the whole Botania is working slow, ANY OTHER DDSS server is fine with Botania.

You are respected network with many servers, please do work on them...



Anything that comes in my mind is that its based on Chunkloading Basis. I never noticed a problem when there was a restart while my chunks werent loaded by ChunkLoadingWard so maybe u went crazy with setting these up ?

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