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Performance degrading machinery deliberately close to our base.


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Performance degrading machinery deliberately close to our base.  Nieeek & Niightingale

In-Game Nickname: JPB1999



Time and date: 21-09-2020 17:00 CET



Description of what happened: JPB1999 was asked to move his Laser Drills as they were causing the server performance to drop when they were all placed in a single chunk. While he complied with doing so he places them deliberately close to our base, 16 chunks to be exact (which is less than 16 chunks from our claim considering we claimed a few blocks around our base). I have attached a screenshot below with the buildings in question, I have put labels with MS paint.


I want to add that prior to this he had an enderman farm that dropped items and XP everywhere 2 chunks away that he agreed to move. With the past incident in mind he decided to again build close to us 2 weeks later while we specifically told him to stop doing that.


//edit: see proof below, possibly resolved.


Screenshots or Proof: 



//edit 21-09-2020 18:30 CEST https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/726825386603839498/757639854745190400/unknown.png

List of eyewitnesses: Niightingale, I suppose anybody that would come fly over could confirm the situation.

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