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Quantum Quarry issues


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I recently set up a Quantum Quarry and ran into an interesting issue.  When first setting up the QQ with the actuators it functioned without issue, even when using a redstone signal to control it.  The next time the server restarted the QQ stopped working.  It had a full charge of RF, but nothing happened.  Redstone controls on/off or setting it to always active didn't help.  It sat there with a full energy charge and did nothing.  After attempting to take it apart with a silk touch pickaxe and losing the core.  I rebuilt the core section and rebuilt the QQ which then worked again... until the server restarted.  Based on the behavior and some of the reading I've done about it, I think the dimension it is trying to mine from is failing to load on server restart causing the QQ to have no place to mine from.  Any chance you can set it up to load on server launch or set up some way to force it to load when someone tries to activate a Quantum Quarry?

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