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Your Name: Mr_frootloops
Item Name + Amount: creative cobble generator from compacter mod ( 5 ) cosmic meatballs (64) (skullfire sword) (cosmic stew 64) (3 infinity catalyst)
Coordinates: (x 9458 z 4354 y 188) --- (x9458 z4354 y184) --- (x9458 z4354 y180) --- (x9458 z4354 y176) ---
Description of Issue: i believe they are causing to much of a tick issue im not 100% but they where turned to obsidian i lost two of them in the (x9479 z4381 y175) i have them generating cobblestone for emc but i see it may be causing to much of a issue i wont use them but i do believe they will be used later down the road for more crafting - tried asking villjo if i could refund myself but sadly not xD i didnt mind losing the first one but then all the others also got put as obsidian and at that point its a bit expensive and dont wanna lsoe them ---- the meatballs, stew, skullfire and the infinity catalyst i lost due to arollback of my island i lost more items but the main items im requesting are these since they where apart of a quest
Screenshots (Optional): im not 100% sure how i would provide evidence? besides the obsidian maybe? for the other items besides creative gens i do have the proof of the questline saying i got them

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