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Hi there, I'm sure you have heard this time and time again, I teleported to one of my empty islands using /is tp, fell and died even though I was wearing my glitch set, lost everything in my inventory including my creative flux bore and a few stacks of insanium along with my wireless storage controller and a few other things. (this all happened lastnight), I logged on tonight to find my inventory empty and my new glitch set gone ,ChiefAjaka donated a few stacks of glitch ingots to me after he assisted by flying to my empty island with my grave key to retrieve my stuff only to step on my grave and get some random items that I didn't even have in my inventory at time of death... very weird I think. My question is can I get any of my lost items back? or once the grave is gone it's all gone? Thanks in advance I quite enjoy playing on your server and am thinking about buying a rank to support the server further. ps, I have deleted the empty island in question.


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Ask for a refund request (use the template in the link): 


Or inventory rollback (use the template also please): 

if u want the items fast and u don't want to wait sometime then ask for a refund request and name the items that u want them to be refunded, a rollback will rollback your inventory to a previos time of ur choice when everything was good 

reply to this post if u need some help or contact me on discord:    --ASOOD--#3076

Btw apply these in the tech support page 

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