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[Refund Request]*Cataclysm_Cat*


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Your Name: Cataclysm_Cat and Admsirred
Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 full Neptunium armor set, 1 full Book Wyrm Scale armor set, 4 full Golem armor sets, 1 of each: full White, Red, and Desert Death Worm Chitin armor sets, 1 full Jungle Myrmex Chitin armor set, 1 of each: full Red, Bronze, Emerald, White, Blue, Sapphire, Silver, and Grey Dragon Scale armor sets, 1 of each: full Blue, Bronze, Deep Blue, Green, Purple, and Red Tide Guardian armor sets, 1 full Jelled Slime armor set, 1 full Wool armor set, 1 full Sheep Disguise armor set,  and 1 pair of Golden Book Wyrm Scale boots.
Base Coordinates: x2033 , z-5054
Description of Issue: Admsirred and I worked together on our new castle base.  We gathered the materials and made all the listed armor above and put them on armor stands behind glass (with no holes for fairy folk to get into).  We wanted them as decorations for our smith work area.  Everything has been going good, until today when we logged on.  All the Armor, including the stands, are gone.  Nothing was enchanted.  This was in our claim on our castle base.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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