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Grief report


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Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : Roguelike adventures and dungeons


In-Game Nickname : Masaki2


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : ShyferLoreweaver


Description of the situation : Came back home to find my dragon dead and fire everywhere after hearing someone in chat complain about hearing a lot of lighting in the overworld.  When i looked around i saw ShyferLoreweaver trying to kill 2 more of my dragons with a lighting rod.  I managed to chase him away before he could kill them.  The 2 dragons i saved were out side of the protection but the one that died was inside the protected area.




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I would like to ask one question in response:

How can I kill anything in your protected area? I literally can't.

Your other dragon was outside the protected area. End of story.

If my pets wandered outside (and amphitheres do, even when commanded to sit) I would fully expect them to be killed or stolen by someone. Build a pen.

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Build a pen. Your pets slide around, even when you command them to sit- especially on that mountainside. I had the same thing happen with a bunch of amphitheres before the last reboot. But rather than complain and try to get other players to bother me on the server- I just moved on and built a pen for the next time.

Your friends running around trying to "assassinate" me is not paying off, by the way.

Build a pen.

We've wasted more than enough time on this- and I feel bad for the moderator who is going to have to read all of this and make a judgement call- this is childish. I broke no rules- and you are simply unhappy with losing a dragon in Minecraft.

The worst part is- now if any idiot *does* do anything to your dragons or base etc., the person who is going to be hearing about it is *me*. I'm gonna be forced to post on this forum every time you feel like someone did something to you now.

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Just admit that you have been going around tearing up peoples stuff right out side of protections and now you've made the mistake of hitting something that was protected.  I have never had problems with dragons "sliding around" in less someone was purposefully pushing them.  And why would you hear about it every time something happens?  That's just your own assumptions.

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