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Astral Sorcery progression issue

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Account Name: LordWarlock
Rank: Normal (not ranked
Requested Commands^: /as research "@p BASIC_CRAFT"
Reason for Request*: I bought the Luminous crafting table and resonating wand from spawn but it will not craft any objects when I try.  The table charges fully but never shows the item.  I have tried several items to be sure it wasn't just a JEI glitch and none of them show up or show the "charge" line for how much of a charge it requires.

Would it be possible to get this fixed?  I have researched it and supposedly the command listed will correct the issue.  I do not have a server to test this process out to verify that however.

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Good news, the one thing I hadn't tried (a different temple) worked (After hours looking for another temple) and now I have been able to make progress, although I wasted the money on the items I bought since I remade them, I got that money for free, so it's all good.  This can be considered closed.

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