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[inventory rollback]-AlbiTroz


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Goodmorning, i recently started playing im this server but yesterday i had a problem. I had a Dank/Null of 9 slots and got some stuff on it.... when i pressed the "R" from keyboard to sort my inventory (inventory tweaks) the Dank/null disappeared... then the server restarted and couldn't find my stuff back! pls help ;( 

Ign: AlbiTroz

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Hi AlbiTronz,

sorry for the delay i reply to this post, can you please reply to this post with this template? Try remember what things you had in the danknull

Or if you don't remember what you had use this template to rollback the entire inventory:


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Your Name: AlbiTroz
Coordinates: -9028, 95, 11001
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 30/10/2020 or 29/10/2020.
Description of Issue:  Dank/null disappeared when pressed the letter "R"
Screenshots (Optional): 

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