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Super toxic and spawn killer. Jammer_map


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Time and date: 10:50ish 11-04-2020



Description of what happened: ImJesus74 wanted to teleport to me (I trust him) so he teleported to me, and somehow ARATEDGAMING_YT teleports with him. I didn't mind too much until he started to use my villager without asking, so I blocked up my villager. suddenly this guy started to go off on me for being "rude" and being a "bit**" and such. Then proceeded to kill me, break my armor, and insult me. After I blocked up my house so he couldn't get in he threated to kill me(I don't think it was a irl threat but will keep it in(no screenshot of it)) this proceeded for a while until he stopped. 



Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/hneU5j5



List of eyewitnesses: ImJesus74(he is young so probably no use in asking), Madeiraas(he tried to help stop him from killing me over and over) that's all who was in it but everyone that was on probably didn't care and didn't pay attention.



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