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[Complaint Form] [Destiny_Lockhart]


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Title: [Griefing] Destiny_Lockhart

Minecraft Username: [caryjames]

Time and Date: 6:30 - 7:30 Roughly - 11/11/20

Description of what happened: CaryJames - Requests Help in dungeon - Moves to Help - is dropped in the middle of roughly 15 zombies/spiders, no warning prior - Server Wipes item - Brings set of diamond to help with dungeon - Dies - Notices cary in backpack - backpack items missing - we die - cary calls for second dungeon - moves to help in order to recuperate losses from last dungeon - both die - cary teleports to his base instead of the dungeon as he usually does - i do same to get gear to help - tells him to go to dungeon before i lose items - he performs a RTP instead of going to dungeon erasing all items lost. Believed to be intentional. 

Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: Sent to Mr__Toasty_Bunz v.i.a Discord

List of eyewitnesses: N/A Everyone is in there own little World.

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