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Crafter´s Land Public workshop


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Hello friends.

Recently i have been Building a place where new players can gather and make their early game a bit more smooth, with this in mind the Crafter´s Land public workshop was born.

The Crafter´s Land public workshop for now as the following machines opened for everyone to use:

  • Pulverizer 
  • Redstone furnace 
  • Sawmill 
  • Induction Smelter 
  • Compactor 
  • Magma Crucible
  • Fluid Transposer
  • Igneous Extruder
  • Glacial precipitator
  • Energetic Infuser
  • Phytogenic Insolator
  • Alchemical Imbuer
  • Arcane Ensorcellator
  • Centrifugal Separator
  • Fractionating Still
  • Enhanced Sag Mill
  • Enhanced Alloy Smelter
  • Soul Binder
  • Slice´N´Splice
  • Enchanter

All Thermal expansion machines are fully upgraded (Resonant - full augments installed), Ender IO machines equipped with octadic Capacitors.

The Crafter´s Land public workshop is located on the left side of /spawn -> coord x:-232, z:-59, y:70

The link contains some screenshots of the workshop https://imgur.com/a/j69v7Bu


I would like to request if possible, the creation of a warp /workshop or some kind of mention at spawn to the existence of the workshop so new players can use it(a simple sign post should do it).


I hope you all enjoy my creation.

Peace o/



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