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Title: [Complaint] (Destiny_Lockhart)


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n-Game Nickname: (Pipolinek - xX_Kwaii_Xx)



Time and date: 8pm - 9pm



Description of what happened: 

Pipolinek was sighted in base w/ xX_Kwaii_Xx

Pipolinek and xX_Kwaii_Xx Robbed another player using Enchanted Gear

Horse Armor was found Missing by Lightningbolt40, Pipolinek was seen running from the area.

Mr__Boring Performed inventory check on Pipolinek and found Saddle and Diamond Horse armor equal to amount Missing.

Pipolinek refused to respond to any request or questions.

Reached out to Forums. Proof is screenshotted via Mr__Boring Perspective



Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)



List of eyewitnesses:

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