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[Buycraft Issues] TheUndeadRedneck formerly DemonicNinjaTV

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In game name: TheUndeadRedneck Formerly known as DemonicNinjaTV

Proof of Purchase: 06B68827C5801915L (Paypal transaction ID)

Description of Issue: Attempted to try to purchase the crate party to see if the server was based off UUID instead of name base I would like to upgrade my account however when i first came on the server  over a year ago the name i had was DemonicNinjaTV and the new name change was made to TheUndeadRedneck. Since i just tried to purchase the crate party it however did not go through to the server cause it did not see the name was online to send the mail. I was wondering if I was able to get the namechange in the database for Buycraft so im able to purchase a rank upgrade. 

Date/Time of Purchase: 11/13/2020 10:43Am EST!

Items/Rank Bought: Crate Party

Screenshots (Optional):

Any other important information: Please read Description of issue.

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