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Baby Dragon (female silver) refund


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Your Name:  wfuzzypup
Item Name + ID + Amount:  Baby dragon, silver, female, 0 days old.
Base Coordinates: issue happened at spawn,    Coords of my base/where I hatch the dragon is x:3616, z: 5435
Description of Issue:  Hatch a dragon, was super happy, put it on my dragon horn, went to spawn to show it off, I released of from the horn, and it disappeared, I relogged multiple times, checked all through out spawn, where I hatched the dragon, and my inv, but it was gone. I'm guessing that you couldn't spawn stuff in spawn, due to a claim, but I didn't know that, because there was nothing warning/telling us about that.
Screenshots (Optional): I talked about it in chat, and i believe papamaodong saw me type about it.


It took me a while to set up and get the ice to hatch the drag, and took me some time finding someone who was selling an egg and for me to get enough money to hatch the egg, so I really, really hope that Ican get the baby dragon back. Thank you for your time.

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