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Refund Request (i'm never bring my dragon outside my base after this)


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name: wfuzzypup
item: Blizzard, (baby silver dragon, 0 days old, with diamond armor, 

what happened: I rehatched my dragon, named it blizzard, equipped it with diamond armor, and put it in my horn, I again wanted to show him off, sicen I was proud to have a baby dragon. So i went to spawn, walked outside of the claim, took him out, put him on my shoulder and walked back to spawn. as soon as I walked inside the claim, he disappeared off of my shoulder.

screenshot: I did take a screen shot of him on my shoulder after I hatched him, to brag on discord, I can send it via disc if yuu want to see it, since I on't know how to upload it to here. 


Because ofthis being the second time, i'm not taking him anywhere outside of my claim after this.  Thank you for your time

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