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My stuff is gone because of clear lag.

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My stuff is gone because of clear lag. I died by a gorgon in a dungeon. a guy managed to bring me some of my stuff.

I need a refund. The items i lost were =

A gray dragon helmet with advanced protection IV and advanced mending

A bronze dragon leggings with Evasion II and mending 

A bronze Dragon boots with mending

A stone of the sea

1 full tome

2 strength rings

1 fire  dragonbone saber with Ash destroyer V

1 ice dragonbone saber

1 efficiency IV book

1 efficiency IV diamond pickaxe 

2 enchanted medkits

1 ankh charm

1 dragon eye

1 balloon

1 fire dragonbone Bow with advanced power IV

please refund me my items

i dont have the coordinates but it was a dungeon 


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