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[Refund Request] Mr_Spooky_


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Your Name: Mr_Spooky_

Item Name + ID + Amount: 

• 1 Dragon Scale Helmet Bronze(4571)

• 1 Dragon Scale Chestplate Bronze(4572)

• 1 Dragon Scale Leggings Bronze(4573)

• 1 Dragon Scale Leggings Bronze(4574)

• 1 Dragon's Eye (5346)

• 1 Shield of Honor (6124)

• 1 Stone of the Sea (5344)

• 1 Ring of the Fairies (5347)

• 1 Flamed Dragonbone Halberd (5131)

• 1 Iced Dragonbone-Strengthned Longbow (5156) enchantments: Infinity,Advanced Power 5,Rune: Arrow Piercing 4,Advanced Punch 2, Unbreaking 3,Multishot 3.

• 1 Dragon Bone Pickaxe (4477) enchantments: Advanced Efficiency 4,Unbreaking 3


Base Coordinates: i dont remeber the coordinates but it was a dungoen

Description of Issue: So i was in the dungeon and i randomly got killed with a weird mesage "player.death...." then i called my friend asap it didn't even took 30 sec and my stuff got despawned please return my stuff

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