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name: wfuzzypup

item: you'll never guess... Silver, stage 3(54+ days old) , male, Dragon named blizzard with diamond armor

coords: didn't take coords, but took a screenshot of where he disappeared, I can send it via discord if you want

what happened:  I was flying my dragon, which just became stage 3, I /rtp, and flew around, figuring out the controls, and it just disappeared mid-flight, it just vanished. I searched around the surrounding area, but couldn't find him. while looking around I saw 2 boss health bars pop up, so I'm guessing that the dungeon doesn't allow you to fly over it so despawned the dragon. the dragon was 54+ days old, male, silver, had diamond armor, and named blizzard. I'm really started to get annoyed by all the things that could make your dragon disappear

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