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name: wfuzzypup

items : green dragon scale boots with unbr 3, mending, and prot 4, 

dragon horn with a female silver dragon named hailstorm (65days) with diamond armor.

70+ levels of XP.

other dungeon loot which i do not care about.

what happened: was doing a dungeon, and was versing a gorgon, i didn't have a blindfold, so I wasn't attacking it and keeping my distance, huge lag spike, died, did /back, was stuck inside of stone, shifted and picked all my important stuff but my boots, and dragon horn. I quickly /home, and asked for help, and grabbed a blindfold, with help and a blindfold, I/back and killed the gorgon, destroying the spawner, but everything was gone. I was in the chunk for about 5seconds before I /home, and it only took like 20seconds to kill the gorgon, so the only way they could despawn/disappear, would be clear lag, which really needs a warning.

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