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[Refund Request] soulxreaver


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Your Name:



Item Name + Amount:

Ability Totem: Saturation + 1

Coordinates: not quite sure 

x-10964 z-10248 y 46 Erebus  21:41:57 11/27

x-10932 z-10244 y 39 Erebus  21:34:55 11/27

x-10927 z-10238 y 30 Erebus  21:38:41 11/27

x-10918 z-10233 y 37 Erebus   21:40:03 11/27


Description of Issue: 

I was killed by a fly in the erebus, couldnt collect it without getting killed after the 5th time collecting my grave i saw that my totem was gone because my inventory was full. Cleared the spot of mobs searched for it but couldnt find it anymore.

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