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Refined Storage bug - After Reset everything dissappeared :(


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Hello! Im Sunyesz from Revelation. Yesterday i said on the server that ME is a pain for begginners and someone advised Refined Storage for me. I made a simple network today and stored almost everything in it. It worked very well but when server restarted everything disappeared. 

What can i do ? Is there any solution for this ?




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Hi suny, 

as i said some days on chat, i think it's you otherway i'm wrong xD, refined storage is banned from the server due to crash issues.
The unique method to store items right now is applied energistic or vanilla way chests. 
If you want to get back your resources you spent on it you can make a refund request post, but from far i know higher staffers won't accept it due to player cause.

Next time, before crafting something be sure it isn't on banned list:

Have a nice day :)

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I didnt use any of those items on that list cuz it says "Storage Disks > RefinedStorage - Buggy" and u cant craft them so its true. I used Storage blocks(NOT DISKS) and those are free to craft and that way u can use the mod and because of this i didnt know that this mod is buggy... 
I checked the rules and the banned items too so i think it is not my fault. But i dont need my items just wanted to be sure what happened, i think it would be better if the staff bann all machine from this mod. 

I'm new in FTB world but i think it is not clear message if one item group is buggy but everything else is craftable and the mod is usable without that items then u shouldnt use any of those items... 

So im sorry if i caused the trouble but it is not that clear as u think.


Have a nice day and i'm very thankfull for the anwer.

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Hi another time,

I honestly didn't know about the existence of this Refined storage blocks which usage is store items.
Thanks for your suggestion, as you explained seems to be clear than the banned items list, i'm going to try ask to ban the entire refined storage, or at least the controller, so people don't get confused and lose things due for bugs.
If you don't want get back items it's your choice. I can consider this post closed. For any further questions or for help feel to free make a new post here :)

Have a nice day.


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