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Your Name: _XNaN0_
Item Name + ID + Amount:

Draconic Armor (Upgrades: Wyvern Shield + Wyvern Energy + Wyvern Shield Recovery)

Draconic Staff of Power (Upgrades: Draconic Damage)

Draconic Bow (Upgrades: Arrow Damage Draconic)

Repair Talisman
Coordinates: stoneblockdimensions_ew_world (End) 11218 23 21621
Description of Issue: I spawned the Chaos Chicken and fought it to about 80% Health. I then disconnected with the well known Java Exception Error (Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.) After logging back in I was dead with like 50 graves stacked onto each other. I made another set of armor and a sword and tried another time but got kicked again. After trying another time and trying to get my stuff back from one of the graves I got the error a third time and thats where I stopped trying. Even if I wouldnt get kicked there are too many graves now to get the stuff back because it seems to kill me over and over again when I get kicked and I dont have the materials to get a second upgraded draconic armor set.
Screenshots (Optional): There are many stacked graves on every Death Point marked here. It also shows the time right before I get kicked when it says Waiting for server.




//Edit: Today (December 9) I was able to fight the chicken without timeouts and found most Stuff. After some time cleaning up Im fine now so topic can be closed. ?


Edited by _XNaN0_
Got most Stuff back, can be closed
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