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Minecraft Username: (alphamatheus36)

Time and Date: This happened a while back, just now complaining about it

Description of what happened: (According to several people, AlphaMatheus36 went into the drunked dragon during the time period that it was unclaimed by destiny, and stole all the good stuff she kept in it, and sold it on market. I originally heard about it by Voidic, Wolfi confirmed it, as well as the Drunken dragon not having any of the valuables in the second floor, as well as Alphamatheus36 selling a lot of valuable stuff that was in the drunken dragon prior to being stolen. 


Also last knight, Alphamatheus36 tped to voidic's base and attempted to use a gorgon head on him. Since he was inside the claim, Voidic was safe. 

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