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Refund Request (wfuzzypup)


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name: wfuzzypup

item: Mythic key

location: spawn

description:  A while ago, (as in I just joined the server) I voted, opened up my vote keys and legendary keys, and got a Mythic key. While I continued to open my other legendary keys, I was killed by a player, and he took the mythic key and used it. (I saw the msg in chat that he used it.) At the time I did not know about forums, and being able to be refunded, and once I found out, I was lazy and decided not to make a refund request, because I. thought mythic keys weren't that rare, since I got one so quickly. I was horribly wrong, so here I am now, kinda salty at myself that I did request this sooner, requesting an Item i lost weeks ago. I talked about it in MC chat when it happened, as well as a few other times i believe. Unfortunately, I changed launchers, and got rid of Twitch, so I no longer got the chat logs. So as of this moment I personally got no video/screenshots of proof. If you guys want to verify, you can check chat logs from when the server got wiped, if it doesn't take as long. 

Also talked to toasty, to ask to see if there were any limits on when I can make a refund request, and he said no, so that's why I decided to write about it now, since I still could.

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