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[Refund Request] CptDishonored_(repost)


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Your Name: CptDishonored_
Item Name + ID + Amount: Diamond-Strengthened Longbow(4818)[SomeRandomBowIForged]|mending |infinity| adv power V| flame|reduce cooldown 4| pull-speed|rapid fire 2|multishot3|split shot 4|
                                              mystic key 1 
                                                dwarf ring 

                                               Masterful dragon scale helmet white(4587)| adv prot4| adv mending| unbreaking 3|adv thorn 3| respiration 3
                                               Masterful dragon scale chestplate white (4588)|adv prot 4 |adv mending|unbreaking 3|adv thorn3| strenghtened vitality 5|
                                               Masterful dragon scale leggings white (4589)|adv pot 4| adv mending| unbreaking 3| advthorn3 |agility 2|

                                               Masterful dragon scale boots white (4590)|adv prot 4 |adv mending| unbreaking 3 |adv thorn3| underwater striders 3|Depth striders 3|high jump 2| light weight 3|
                                               2  Regen ring Undying(4205), dragon's eye Undying, stone of the sea Undying, ankh charm Undying,toolbelt(9slot), Undying shield of honor (5356)
                                               Legendary dragon bone pickaxe (4477)|adv mending| adv eff 5| versality|unbreaking 3|
                                               Fire dragonbone rapier(5126)|upgraded potential| sup sharp 5| unbreaking 3| adv mending|ancient sword mastery 3|subject science 4 | subject P.E. 5|adv loot 3|atomic deconstructor 4|arc slash 3|reviled blade 3|swift slashes 5|education 3|sweeping edge 3|sup fire aspect 2|
                                               Iced dragonbone rapier(5146)|upgraded potential| sup sharp 4| unbreaking 3| adv mending|ancient sword mastery 2| subject science 1|subject P.E. 5|adv loot 3|hors de combat 2|freezing 2|education 3|sweeping edge 3|
                                               Elytra(0443)| adv mending| unbreaking 3|
                                               Ender staff
                                               a stack and a half of cook joust meat(5647), roughtly 52 cook yale meat(5614)
                                               3 totem of undying(0449)
                                               51 nether stars(0399)
                                               Diamond sword(0276)|levitator 2| fling 2 |flinging 2 |mending| sup sharp 5| sup fire aspect 2|unbreaking 3|
                                               2 full xp tomes 1 empty
                                               more than a stack of xp pot (idk how much)
                                               (not much other important stuff)Enchanted Medikit(4744) |mending|unbreaking3|
Base Coordinates: -2620 65 -793
Description of Issue:I made the same fokin mistake i did with the medkit,i clicked esc and bow gone ,never to be found, i yoinked my clan's book for this :P
                                           I used a crate key and got a legendary key and then a mystic key when i got a reroll, i didnt get back the mystic key maybe because my inv is full.
                                             reforging dwarf ring and server restart.

                                            I was in abandoned city and i was raiding a structure when suddenly the server lagged and all the spawners starting to spawn mass amount of mobs lagging the server  and when i do /back i died instantly, and all my stuff despawned.There is a guy helping me when i died but he also died ?

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