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Your Name: Cataclysm_Cat

Item Name + ID + Amount: Name: Burt Gummer, Item (One): Iced Dragonbone Rapier (Legendary quality); Enchants:

Upgraded Potentials

Difficulties Endowment V

Education III

Combat Veterancy III

Parry III

Envenomed III

Curse of Possession

Swifter Slashes V

Rune: Piercing Capabilities IV

Supreme Sharpness V

Unbreaking III

Subject P.E. V

Advanced Looting III

Arc Slash III

Viper V

Purging Blade V

Supreme Fire Aspect II

Lifesteal IV

Advanced Mending

True Strike

Atomic Deconstructor II


Base Coordinates: x704 z-392

Description of Issue: Was in warp raid, looting one of those giant towers with a bunch of mobs...something with sticky stole my sword.  My sword (Burt Gummer) has curse of possession on it, so it normally just jumps right back in my inventory.  I was unlucky this time because the lag wipe happened at just the wrong time and now my sword it gone.  I love that sword... Any help would be appreciated...bring Burt Gummer home! ❤️

Screenshots (Optional):

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