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[Inventory Rollback Request] ArvidGhost

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Your Name: ArvidGhost
Coordinates: 21220 98 2815
Time/Date + Timezone (Post a time/date when everything was fine): before 7:36PM (19:36) GMT+2, Sunday December 13th, 2020
Description of Issue: I don't think that getting killed by a mob masher  in a different player's cave and the grave stone not being spawned is normal. We searched around the area and didn't find any gravestone belonging to my name. The closest thing that I have is a screenshot of my player soul (If that helps) + I have a log file that contains my death.

The Lost items: Dark matter armor, Red matter sword, party pickaxe, diamond hammer(Thermal Foundation), compressed diamond hammer, 2 repair talismans, Nether star builder's wand (16k)



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