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[Refund Request] Minecraftguy_9


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Name: Minecraftguy_9 
Item name: Flamed Dragonbone Halberd + #5131 + 1
Base Cords x: 3852, z: 4342 
I was playing around and a mob with sticky took my weapon but instead of me getting it back it just dropped on the floor and i couldn't pick it up then just disappeared a second later. The problem was that i had curse of possession on me halberd but it still dropped when the mob took it defeating the point of  curse of possession. This is a picture of my weapon when someone was looking at my inv. i would like to get refunded my weapon and I also had this weapon untagged recently idk if it is helpful but here. This is not a Duplicate post ASOOD. Its still a problem that hasn't been fixed.A_stolen_weapon_lol.PNG

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