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[Refund Request] ProphetofmtnDEW

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Your Name: ProphetofmtnDEW

Item Name + Amount: 

1x Iron Jetpack, 1x Tinkers Armor Set (Hard carbon core, Magnesium plates, obsidian trim, diamond modifier on each piece), 1x Tinkers Rapier(manyullyn blade, hard carbon guard, chocolate handle, 2 levels of sharpness modifier, mending moss), 1x Party pickaxe, 1x Tinkers pickaxe(hard carbon head and tool rod, steeleaf binding, diamond modifier and reinforced modifier) 1x Ion Sniper(scope, green color mod, dilithium focusing matrix) 1x Phaser rifle(gold color mod, burst inductive drum) 

Coordinates: atop a lich tower at X: 22778 Z: 9945 in the twilight forest (coordinates retrieved from minimap, was unable to get exact coords as the server restarted repeatedly during this event)

Description of Issue: the server glitched out when it restarted and deleted my inventory
i spawned back in after the restart with a key to an invisible grave i already had picked up well before the restart
and then a few seconds later the key just disappeared from my inventory as well

Screenshots (Optional): I neglected to take any as this was a reasonably unforeseeable issue

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