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[Claim Removal] sCavaafondo

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Your Name: jikinima
Claim Leaders Name: sCavaafondo
Coordinates of claim: -2591 64 -3208
Claim members: jikinima (me), zScossa99z, Teoh_s, sCavaafondo, EddFlame, Raff_Er
Reason for request: my friend isnt able to play minecraft anymore and he can't remove the claim, and we need it removed to organize our space better, however we didn't want the claim to be rollbacked since its in the middle of our buildings and our friend might come back in the future. he is my irl friends and i can probably prove it by checking our ips and by seeing the claims trusts. the claim only has a blood altar and a cursed dirt little spawner on top of it. thank you in advance!
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 



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