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Player Complaint 1944Doffen


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In-Game Nickname: 1944Doffen

Your username (Optional): BrodzterYT

Time and Date: Approx. 4pm 31/12/2020 

Description of what happened: I log in to find previously banned 1944Doffen online and I find out through chat that he is building a base in creative with 2 other members (CzechFeda and Dycoo) while only in a town with Dycoo. I decide to do my new command /invsee on him and see a bunch of creative spawned items like building blocks and ME Computer stuff. I ask to see their base and was ignored, I was then offered a little later to see their base by 1944Doffen after explaining that they needed to be in a clan or town to share creative items to each other. I accepted the TP and went to their base. I then looked around and was then punched by 1944Doffen after he realised he couldn't punch his own (now newly made) clan member CzechFeda. he then asked "Isit ok if i killed u kermit", before I could respond I used /fly to try and escape but he then used /fly to chase me down and kill me (possibly in creative). I was trying to be kind in letting him know more about the rules that come with creative, but he is breaking most of them knowingly and claiming to be forgetful. 

As far as I can see he has broken these rules: 

[4] No sale/gifting of creatively influenced items to members outside of your town:  Spawning in creative items to aid players he has no affiliation with.

[5] No PvPing with creative, god, fly, OP spawned items: Using /fly to kill me (it is also possible that 1944Doffen was in creative mode when he attacked and killed me, please check for that in the logs)

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/18ZezlE

List of eyewitnesses:

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