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Unban AusarisGames


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Got banned on the Revelations server for duping, I never duped. This is probably tied to another player that was doing a "new year give away" and was giving away keys. I used a couple and another player brought up they could be duped and that I should stop using it, to which I did. I don't remember the player's name, however, some of the items they were giving away had their name on it as they won it. So it would be pretty cool if I got unbanned due to the fact that I never duped.

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Hi AusarisGames,

You were banned by me because while checking the entire players involved in duping you were one of them.
I checked your inventory and I've found 5 stacks of vote crates and 30 of legendary crates.

As you said you got these items from other guys, but the fact is that you kept them / didn't contacted a staffer about all these crates.
So next time you get involved in those things be sure to get rid of the crates or contact a staffer.

Your ban is already expired this day so you are able to join, but your inventory has been cleared with all your items as punishment.
Making an inventory rollback request will result in an instant close of the post.

Have a nice day.

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