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[Refund Request] Reed88reed


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Name: Reed88reed

Items name and amount:

(2) Quarry [techreborn:quarry]

(8) Stirling engine [buildcraftenergy:stirling_engine]

(2) Diamond chest [ironchest:chest/diamond/gold_diamond_chest]

(2) signalum servo [thermaldynamics:servo_6]

(576) block of charcoal [thermalfoundation:storage_resource]

(256) iron ore

(256) copper ore

(256) tin ore

(64) ruby

(64) sapphire

(64) peridot

(8) emerald

(3) iridium ore

(2) tungsten ore

Coordinates: X: 4216   Z: -5779   (mining dimension)

Justification: The mining dimension was reset between Jan 3-Jan 4 without a warning or announcement while my quarries were operating. I logged on yesterday only to find that everything was missing. Because I had yet to move any items to the overworld, I am making an estimate of all the raw materials that I lost along with my equipment.

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