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[complaint] bananaawesome03


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Title: [Complaint] (Player Name)

In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about)



Time and date:

1/15/2021, 3:12 - 3:20


Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

A guy named kingcrisi wanted to pvp me, so i tped him to my home, i thought we were going to make preperations to the battle and state the rules, but he just went in without saying anything and attacked me, so i attacked back, he used a gorgon head and i died instantly, he didnt want to give my stuff back and he said that he dosent want to give my stuff back because ''this is my stuff now those are the rules'' we didnt even discuss what the rules were


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)



List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below


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