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[BuyCraft issue] ZaedonHD


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In game name: ZaedonHD
Proof of Purchase:


Description of Issue:  I have no claim blocks, I have no cash, i have no keys or items of any cind, That i would have gotten from my rank when i logged in just now for the first time in a year, And it seems the server has wiped, So i should have everything i paid for waiting for me again right? Do keep in mind, I have spent alot of money on this, Quite alot, and it would suck big time, to lose everything, because of a server wipe..
Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 3-16th of december 2019
Items/Rank Bought: (Sponsor+) All the kits, Extra claim blocks and Mega bundle i think.. I have all the proof on my Paypal if it is needed, i have allready added the proof of purchase, But i can go more in depth if need be.
Screenshots (Optional):
Any other important information: Its my first time back in a year, i really dont wanna lose everything i payed for because i had no time to play RLCraft in my life.

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@ZaedonHD Hello! We have spoken with our Managers about this issue and they have stated that you should make a reactivation post instead. He has already verified the transactions, however please still provide those in your request!

You can find the template for that here:

Just copy the template, click "START NEW TOPIC" on the top right, and they will take care of it when available :)

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