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Glitched Character

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I was playing sky factory 2.5 with my friend, HaloSyndicate, and we were opening chance cubes together. He had gotten the "asks a question and answer correctly or you die" one. He answered incorrectly, and was supposed to die. Instead, his character got glitch. His field of view turned side ways, his health bar disappeared entirely, and he couldn't move any items in his inventory. I told him to reset his character some how. We tried drowning, lava, then I told him jump off the edge and have the void force reset him. It didn't work. Now he's glitched, stuck in the void, and can't respawn. We tried to /suicide, teleport back hom, reload into the game, reinstall the mod, but nothings working. He's just stuck there. Is there anything you can do? My minecraft user is Fluffiers. His is HaloSyndicate (the one glitched).

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