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[Refund Request]MrGaming2811


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Your Name: MrGaming2811
Item Name + Amount: 

1000 Blocks of Iron
300 Blocks of Gold
50 Diamond Blocks
48 Iridium Ore
4 Iridium plates
2 Tesseract frame
32 Enderpearls
32 Block of Enderium
20 Blocks of Signalum
100 Blocks of Redstone
10 16k ME storage cell
10 64k ME storage cell
4 Electirc furnaces
1 Resonant Machine frame
10 Basic machineframe
50 Blocks of Copper
50 Blocks of Tin
30 Blocks of Bronze
64 Obsidian
3 ME Crafting Terminal
10 Machineframe
2 Blocks Vibrant alloy
32 glassfibre Cable
10 Sunnarium
2 Hybrid solar panel
64 Ender Amethyst
4 Endertank Frame
10 unknown Dimlet
5 Limium Blocks
128 Glowstone Blocks
9 Endoflame

Coordinates:  201, 3201, 117
Description of Issue: ME System bugged, no cables and 2 empty Drives.

Tried to do a Town Rolllback, but noone replied, so i try this. I just setup my Quarry and molted everything, so i got the recources. If you dont believe me, do a Town Rollback and check.
Screenshots (Optional): image.thumb.png.58a7c9d45a8cc056dcf3a5f5a685dca7.png

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