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I propose that they fix a little Skyblock because there are things like the regeneration that does not work in the Spawn only on your island you regenerate life, it also takes more mines not only from the pits.I propose to put as if there were more dungeons per level as a / warp dungeon 1,and that you go unlocking more as you advance. Honestly, it is very difficult to get materials and everything since the only dungeon there is is almost impossible as long as those miners endure . Please read this and take note THANK YOU!

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Right now we are focused a bit on AssasinsCraft to update it and bring new content, but thank you very much for your idea! We will take it into account to see if we can leave something else hehe. Personally, it is good for me to know if Skyblock is still active, since the times I have looked I saw that nobody was connected, although it is true that sometimes that indicator fails ...

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