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Player Is Harrasing Me


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In-Game Nickname: Stauder_Qwert
Your username (Optional): OblivionTemplar
Time and Date: 2/10/2021 12:10AM
Description of what happened: This guy "Stauder_Qwert" is harrassing by being sarcastic against me since he got me reported the other day for profanity which I was in wrong for but now he's rubbing it in my face. I would like it if he didn't get away with such an act.
Screenshots or Proof:
List of eyewitnesses.Q8ItX80W3QNy1L8C2jps7OsocYVzbYEByKL8edMR

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6 hours ago, OblivionTemplar said:

I do not know how to get the image below 1000kb, I'm having trouble making the file size smaller


hi, u can use Imgur.com to upload photos, or upload it on discord and copy the link (right click on the photo and press on copy link), then u can paste it here and the photo will appear in your topic  

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