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My name is SlickZade and I have question/suggestion to make life easier on the RLCraft server!

I have seen these [Buy] signs at spawn which are very handy when new players want to start off and buy some beginner stuff, but it would be AMAZING if normal players could also use these [Buy] signs (and sell signs if possible but not rly that important to me) right now when trying to create these [Buy] signs it says I have no permission also, Iv looked and have seen that even with sponsor rank etc. you cant make them.

The economy could be so much more easier with these [Buy] signs, let me know anything about what you think about this suggestion to let players use [Buy] signs cus it would make my day and also those of others (I know /market is very usefull but not for items with a huge quantity cus then market is SO full that it takes 10 min to go to the end) You could also add this usage only to certain ranked people, anyways any usage of this [Buy] signs would help alot :)) 


Kind regards,


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