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[Rollback claimed house?][RLcraft]


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At February 15, 2021(Time zone:GMT+8) I logged in rl.craftersland.net:25565 after a vacation for 1 day on February 13 to 15, 2021 to see my house has been reset to its original broken like state which was claimed(Basic) and left no evidence of any things that I built expect /claims,/homes and my waystone spawnpoint gave evidence that proves that my house was here  and I was s h o c k e d that my house had been reset then I ask the people online of what happened first they said that if your gone for a month the claim gets unclaimed but my vacation was just for 1 day and the others said rollback? but I did not hear any rollback since everyones house was okay but Ting_junhee offered to help get shelter but soon after AdmSirRed gave me a shelter already built with lots of resources to start over again but one problem is that the house is near a ocean and many Youtubers and experienced players said that the ocean is way to dangerous and their where right it spawn a lot water related mobs and even spawn a water related blight mob yeah a BLIGHT mob but ended up surviving and finished setting up the /Homeset, claims and other things for my newly found claimed(basic) base which is surrounded by water and a near by jungle. So thats the story of what happened to my original house(Keep in mind that I do not know what caused this "rollbacked claim house" to happen).

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