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Rule Violation: Threat to server integrity: Tebann


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Title: Rule break Tebann

In-Game Nickname: None: Ign is Tebann
Your username (Optional): WyntreBlossom
Time and Date: 3/13/2021 5:50 AM EST 
Description of what happened: The server was lagging pretty hard and restarting several times. I think maybe someone was fighting bosses in twilight forest, which can make the server lag/crash a lot. After discussion of crashes etc, Tebann starting to say they wanted to try to intentionally crash the server. I informed them of how this was a bad idea, and I wanted no part in anything they were about to do. Tebann did not drop the subject and continued (and is still continueing) to ask chat if we want to watch him "try to crash the server" and "Try to crash himself"
Screenshots or Proof: Imgur Album of screenshots The first 6 are of chat. The 7th is the rule in question. https://imgur.com/a/iWqX5GX
List of eyewitnesses: Yinuzo and LVgamer were active in chat around this time.  They should be able to vouch for what happened. 

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