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Rule Violation: Rule 5? Tenbann


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Title: Rule break Tebann

In-Game Nickname: None: Ign is Tebann
Your username (Optional): WyntreBlossom
Time and Date: 3/13/2021 8:02 AM EST 
Description of what happened: I was in the end flying around trying to find end cities. I got a teleportation request from Tenbann, who  I thought might just need a teleport to the end (I had mentioned I was in the end in chat in another conversation). He teleported and instantly wacked me with a super powerful sword and withered me and took me down to half a heart. Had I not had supremium apples on me, I would not have survived. I never agree'd to PVP, and as I mentioned this was in the end and I was flying. If I had died, I would have had no way to get back to my items in time (even with the gravestone) because of how far out I was. 
Screenshots or Proof: https://gyazo.com/243b96c47bfb45703dd15875b94442f9 - The teleportation and the following "bonk" he said after hitting me. 
https://gyazo.com/cbbb3fb23bc7f96faa13368525f36380 - proof that I had to use a supremium apple to fix my health afterwards 
I don't have a screenshot of the actual "hit" because I flew away as fast as I could thinking I was going to die. 
List of eyewitnesses: No one else was in the end with us. 


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