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[Refund Request]*WyntreBlossom*

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Your Name: WyntreBlossom
Item Name + Amount: See description.
Coordinates: -26880 65 -25856
Description of Issue:  So this happened 3 times today and each time I lost MASSIVE amounts of items. I cant even count the numbers.

The most RECENT of the 3, Basically I set up my auto crafter to make 16384K ME storage cells. I ordered one set of 11 and one set of 10. I also at this same time ordered about 100k Sand (via amber/acorns) and another set of 50k sand (via gravel going into my crushers). At the same time I ordered 100 resonent servos, and a few other small odds and ends. 

The server froze, restarted, and when I logged back in my items from the autocrafting were all over the floor and void to the point my FPS dropped to zero, I froze, couldnt move, and had to restart my entire computer because minecraft stopped responding and cntrl alt delete didnt work. When I finally got back into the server, all the items had despawned (thankfully) but this also meant I lost EVERYTHING that the crafters were using for the crafting of the items. 

I don't know weather to ask for the base materials or the stuff I was crafting but its so so much of everything. And it happened earlier today (After a crash) too but Id only requested 5 of the cells and nothing else, so when everything vomited everywhere I was able to collect it through the low FPS. Im truly at a loss of what to do but I lost so many materials that took 2 days of afking/doing other projects to collect. Any effort to help me would be appreciated, even if it isn't a full refund. Just anything would be nice at this point because im pulling my hair out. 

Screenshots (Optional): None because my COMPUTUER DIED due to this issue. 

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To avoid things like this happening in the future, make sure to chunkload the chunk you have your crafting procesors in it.

And make sure that you don't have ANY multi-block (including the crafting processor multi) built between 2 or more chunks (dont build any multi cross chunks).

I've lost too many items untill i knew what was the reason, but i had the ability to get them back easiely.

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I refunded 150.000 sand in 5 4k ME Cells
Instead of all the items used to craft your 11 16384k ME cells I directly gave you them.
Refunded 100 resonant servos.

Everything in a chest next to your AE system.

Tell me if something is missing, if so please reply to this post with your missing items.
If nothing is missing let me know and i'll cose this post.

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