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[Refund Request] Secchhio

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Your Name: Secchhio
Item Name + Amount: 

  • 129 Manasteel 
  • 10 Terrasteel
  • 10 Mana Diamond*
  • 2 Rune of Air
  • 2 Rune of Mana
  • 2 Rune of Earth
  • 2 Rune of Fire
  • 2 Rune of Water
  • 2 Greater Ring of Magnetization
  • 1 Black Lotus

* = I'm not sure if this was the correct amount, it was the amount of twice the botania kit from the legendary keys at spawn.

Coordinates6116 55 -3298
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Didn't know what was meant with this one, I'm sorry.
Description of Issue: I was putting my Botania items in a chest right before a restart, which I didn't saw in the chat since I was in a chest. Beside that the timer of 5 seconds is really quick to stop doing things because there's a restart. Might be an idea to make it a bit longer since we already have the 30 seconds timer which doesn't work all the time?
Screenshots (Optional): 

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