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[Refund Request]*Kipjes2002*


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Your Name: Kipjes2002
Item Name + ID + Amount: 3 enchanting books with: (first book) swifter slashes 5 #0403, subject PE 5 #0403, mortalitas 7 #0403, advanced looting 3 #0403, adept 3 #0403, arc slash 3 #0403.

(second book) upgraded potentials

(third book) viper 5 #0403 and envenomed 3 #0403.

apply them by first combining 3 books, then another 3, then combine those 2 books with 3 enchants (to decrees the level cost).
Base Coordinates: -8460 70 -3930
Description of Issue: I was enchanting a new weapon and the server started restarting a whole bunch of times. at some point the books I was working on were gone.
Screenshots (Optional): 

(RLcraft server)

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