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[Refund Request]*Kipjes2002*


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Your Name: Kipjes2002
Item Name + ID + Amount: an iced dragonbone halbert #5151 with the enchants:

supreme sharpness 5

advanced mending

rune piercing capabilities 4

subject PE 5

swifter slashed 5

mortalitas 7

advanced looting 3

arc slash 3

lifesteal 4

curse of possesion

atomic deconstructor 2
Base Coordinates: -8460 70 -3930
Description of Issue: I was doing a big battle tower and due to lag the weapon sometimes drops on the ground (even though it has curse of possession), and then reappears in my inventory. But for some reason it did not reappear in my inventory this time and I could not pick it up from the ground. Please try to fix the lag because this is not the first time I lost stuff and time due to it. Just this weapon with the enchantments is worth way less than the one that I had because of mortalitas 7. 
Screenshots (Optional): 

(RLcraft server)

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